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Stream hundreds of engaging videos based on the school curriculum from as little as 60 bucks per student, per month.

Maths coming Jan 2020
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High Quality, Engaging and Cool.

In a modern environment of constant distraction, engaging content is more important than ever. We produce content that speaks to your students on a level they can understand on enjoy.

Instant Access. Anywhere, Anytime.

We offer a flexible solution which can be accessed by your students no matter where they are. All of our content support HLS streaming which allows access to the content to be streamed even on low bandwidth connections, reducing your need to worry about data usage costs.

No Fuss. Your Students Get What They Need.

We break the subjects down into small easy to understand chunks. This allows students to focus on the areas they may be struggling with quickly and simply.

Localised Content.

You don't want generic content that has been made for European or American audiences. We produce videos that are localised for African students using examples and scenarios which they can connect with.

Affordable, Straight-Forward Pricing.

Budgets can be tight, so we what to keep costs down and be clear and transparent about how much you will be spending upfront, no hidden costs. We provide content in batches of 30 with a discount or larger classes and yearly subscriptions.

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Access for up to 30 students
Analytics and progress data
Support via email
10% discount off bespoke production costs

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Flip the Classroom.

The internet and online education have opened up many new ways of teaching. One of these methods is the flipped classroom. Don't waste your valuable classroom time reading facts for textbox allow that to happen outside of the classroom and use your time in class to expand on the subjects and answer questions.

Analyse Engagement.

Keep up to date with the progress of your students. See who is engaging with the content and who might be struggling. This allows you to be proactive in your teaching approach.

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